The Band

The Budapest based band started out as three-fifths of the Yonderboi Quintet, after a few years and some critical success in 2001, keyboardist Balázs Zságer (Zagar’s namesake), scratcher Dj Bootsie, guitarist Andor Kovács and the drummer Tibor Lázár splintered off to form their own sound, exploring more experimental avenues in their music. Ten years after Kovács left the band in 2011. They eventually added the lead singer – guitarist George Ligeti and bassist Ákos Zságer-Varga to complete the band.

Their debut album, ‘Local Broadcast’ was released in 2002 selected for the chart of the 50 all time most important Hungarian records by the music magazine Wan2. After the hugely succesful debut the band shifted into some soundtrack territory, releasing the score of a local feature, Szezon / Eastern Sugar. The band have already achieved strong critical acclaim, their second studio album ‘Cannot Walk Fly Instead’, released worldwide on German label Mole Listening Pearls. Its first single Wings of Love, featuring the Underground Divas – six of Hungary’s most popular independent singers – earned heavy radio airplay and secured a no1. spot on MTV’s video chart. They have earned numerous awards for this record, most notably the Hungarian Record Industry’s Fonogram Award and second prize in the International Songwriting Competition 2007. They were nominated for the best local act in the MTV European Music Awards 2008 and 2009 also.

The band has been performing since 2001. Apart from Hungary they played in UK, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia. They supported Depeche Mode at the Budapest leg of Tour of the Universe. Zagar’s tunes has also been incorporated into short, feature films and theatre also. They branched into soundtrack scoring opportunities and most notably their tracks have been picked up by American CSI series on a few occasions. Their tracks were remixed by Terry Lee Brown, Jr., Moonbotica or Cottonmouth among many others.

Their latest album ‘Light Leaks’ was released in 2013 worldwide and received warm critical acclaim in the international press and left quite an impression on music blogs and radios worldwide. It’s couple of tracks (Space Medusa, Outsiders) has been played by the BBC radio as well.

Balázs Zságer – keys, vocals, electronica, producing
George Ligeti – guitars, vocals
Ákos Zságer-Varga – bass
Tibor Lázár – drums, percussion
DJ Bootsie – scratch

Zsófia Hutvágner – lyrics

Press quotes:

„Genius electronic band from Eastern Europe. Zsager is a cool guy, but on the stage he becomes fucking nuts!“  Alan McGee (Creation / Poptones UK)

“Zagar is a great band, Wings of Love is an awesome track!” Pedro Winter aka Busy P (Ed Banger)

“Wings of Love is a lovely track, really like it!”  Laurent Garnier

“As if Daft Punk had remixed Sigur Rós on acid” 24/7 Magazine UK

“Really like the freshness of their tracks. One of the regular plays on my iPod. Clever innovative pop…me likey!” Daz-I-Kue (Bugz in the Attic/ The Goodness, US)

“Falling somewhere in between ’70s cosmic rock and Röyksopp, Zagar mixes vocoder wizardry, epic synth build-ups and waves of atmospherics into a sci-fi soul” Dialogueinc US

“Zagar takes the listener on a psychedelic trip between Jamaica and the Kraftwerk-like Germany” WhiteRoom Reviews (NL)

“Retro and futuristic, and the theatrics and choral romance, and longing for the space, which was cultivated in the Soviet cinema, computer and pragmatism with 80′s electronics”

“Underdog position of Eastern Europe no longer self-evident. Zagar’s Light Leaks looks like a fairy tale, without kitschy or corny plots. Wonderfully musical.” Kwadratuur (BE)

“A breath of fresh air coming from East Side” Berlin

„At the moment they are the coolest band in Budapest – whatever that is supposed to mean.“ HVG (Hungary’s biggest culture magazine)