Balázs Zságer

At first he wanted to have a career as a visual artist, but soon he exchanged his paintbrush for a Commodore 64 and a Russian upright piano. In the middle of ’80s, Balázs was programming music on a C64, and he began to play the piano. At the age of 18, he started to play in a blues band with George Ligeti. After that, he kept switching groups and mingling the styles of jazz, progressive rock and electronic music. This longtime stage experience can be easily recognized in his beats. His first release was the Garderobe 12″ vinyl, and a couple of tunes on the legendary compilation series Future Sound of Budapest.

He has also contributed to Yonderboi’s debut album Shallow and Profound. As a member of the Yonderboi Quintet, he played with DJ Bootsie all around Europe. He formed a band with Yonderboi called Trevira Modern. Some of their tracks were licensed by the BBC and CHANNEL 4 Television.

He has been producing his own tracks under the name Zagar since the beginning of 2001. With his bandmates they have become a real stage band. Their first album Local Broadcast came out in 2002.

He is the author of the hit-singles ‘Wings of Love’, ‘Eastern Sugar’, ‘Bossa Astoria’ and ‘Never the Same’. Zságer’s unique sound has been incorporated into theatre plays, short and feature films also. He won the 2005 Hungarian Film Critics‘ Award for the soundtrack of the movie, Eastern Sugar.